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Structure and Management of the NCGC

Structure of the committee

The National Corporate Governance Committee (the Committee, NCGC) is a legal non-profit entity and consists of representatives of:

  • Non-governmental organizations representing the interests of capital markets stakeholders;
  • Nationwide employers' organizations;
  • Regulated capital market;
  • Public companies that have the reputation, expertise and willingness to engage in the work of the Committee;
  • Members of scientific community with a proven interest and expertise in the field of corporate governance.

At present NCGC comprises of 12 academic and business experts, who are members of the working group on the creation of the Bulgarian National Corporate Governance Code.

Committee Founders:

  1. Prof. Sc. Bistra Nikolova Boeva
  2. Dr. Manu Todorov Moravenov
  3. Prof. Dr. Stefan Hristov Petranov
  4. Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria
  5. Association of Special investment purpose companies
  6. Association of Bulgarian Investor Relation Directors
  7. Bulgarian Investor Relations Society
  8. Monbat AD
  9. Sopharma AD
  10. Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia AD
  11. Stara Planina Hold AD
  12. Zlaten Lev Capital AD asset management company

NCGC Management

The supreme body of the Committee is the General Assembly. The management body of NCGC is the Management Board. The Committee is represented and its operational activities are run by the Chairperson, elected amongst the Management board members for a three-year term.

Chairpersons of the NCGC so far:

  • Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia AD - from November 2015 to date.
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Petranov - from October 2012 to November 2015;
  • Manu Moravenov - from June 2011 a month in October 2012;
  • Ognyan Donev - from May 2010 until the month of June 2011;
  • Rumen Radev - from the establishment of NCGC until May 2010;